How to get your crush to like you? Well I bet you wanted to be GF & BF. Here are simple rules on how to!

How to get your crush to like you?

1.) Be interesting. Be the one who wants to be the ideal girl/guy of your crush! Go make your crush to notice you in some-way or keep his/her attention, this is also a best way! Just be-friend your crush and then?

>>Go to your ideal's club. But if it's not a club that can let a girl/guy like you join, then just go there and make sure he/she notices you! And so that you have completed your very 1st goal!

2.) Make sure that not to be such of an angry person. Every person may hate some people if they may bully, complain, too much that you could bully your crush's friend by mistake!

>>Be a nice person. So that you can make yourself be near to his/her's ideal one! Make sure also not to be too much of a bother when you are nice to everyone in class.

3.) Go talk to your crush about what he likes! (For example: What kind of color do you want?? etc.) But make sure not to ask him/her that what kind of person is your ideal you may ask, but once he/she finds out, it may already be over!! It's fine if he/she is popular out in class or school. Just don't take your friend's Love-Love conversation seriously, or it may spread out!

>>Make sure not to annoy your ideal one too much asking. You could ask but the immediate answer of one of his/her friends always are: "Could you (his/her name)?!" well? Don't spoil the beans yet! Who knows what'll happen if he/she doesn't like you and already broken up?! Well no worries just say "Ah... No not really ^_^) I just wanted to know since we are already friends ^_^" but if you are cornered. Just tell a lie if you can. But if the ideal one is popular tell them "Ah no... I just wanna know, because there are many people crushing on him/her right? So it's also best to know him/her's ideal one too" some may say that you are lying so say "You're not thinking I like him/her right? Ah... Sorry I have to go somewhere/back" (For an excuse).

4.) Be yourself. Make your ideal one notice and like you step by step. By just being yourself. Yes! (I also done this but, the cupid's arrow got someone wrong) but also this can make your cupid's arrow got onto someone other than your ideal one! Don't get your cupid's arrow wrong! Then go things he/she likes when you asked him what kind of things he/she likes.

If he/she already got a BF or GF. Then you only have 2 choice: Give up or not yet. If not yet, you may have a good time! Who knows if he/she breaks up with his BF/GF! Then strike to him/her! Comfort the ideal one, if he's sad or make up with him or make him happy. If you give up... Then go find a new love!

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